From the recording Songs From The Sidewalk Cafe


Stormy day,
it's appropriate I guess
We're on our way
To put your tender soul to rest
It's hard enough
not to have you here with us
Our hearts are spattered
Like leather in the mud

A life was lived
With moments of such happiness
A home was built
With laughter, love and so much more
Here we stand together
To send you on your way
I'll see you one day
Walking on the distant shore

I feel the rain
It hits me like a cannon ball
There is no pain
My spirit has gone numb
Time will fill the emptiness
That was left behind
Impatiently I'll be waiting for that piece of mind


I can’t believe you’re gone
It’s far too soon, it’s just not fair
What am I going to do
When I turn to you and you’re not there
I’ll whisper to you on my knees
My words are stolen by the breeze

The crowd is gone, headlights on
The procession's rolling out
I stay behind to say one last goodbye
Fading memories are swept away
Like in a flood
My heart is smeared and spattered
Like leather in the mud


(c) 2019 Manoukian Music Publishing