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  1. Lately (acoustic)


Lately, I've been feeling kind of blue
I think the problem is that I can't get over you
Call it obsession, call it anything you feel
But whatever these feeling are they're getting harder to conceal

Well I try to forget all the times
All the good times we had
Now they're lost in the past
Won't you give me a chance

Believe me, it's really hard to let you go
'Cause I need you, I need your comfort in my soul
You bring my spirits up, you drive them down twice as fast
I guess that I was a fool to believe that this love would ever last


Baby, looks like you don't care anymore
So I ask myself, what am I suffering for
My life awaits me, with open arms and golden dreams
And now it's time to pull down the curtain on this final scene


© 2017 Manoukian (ASCAP)
© 2017 Manoukian Music Publishing (ASCAP)