From the recording Songs From The Sidewalk Cafe


There's a place down the avenue where everybody goes
It's magical, unbelievable, I'm sure that you know
It's where miracles happen every night and day
They simply call it the Sidewalk Cafe

Every now and then when I'm feeling down I take a little stroll
Underneath the moonlight it tends to lift your soul
So I let myself drift any which way
But I'll always end up at the Sidewalk Cafe

A mirage to your desire, the horizon holds it close
But you'll call yourself a liar once the illusion is exposed
It may be an addiction of an unexplained kind
It surely isn't fiction, it's just a state of mind

There will be times in your life when things don't go your way
And you get so fed up with what people always say
So when temper has taken over you
Just take a stroll down the avenue
And eventually you'll come to
The Sidewalk Café

©2017 Manoukian
©2017 Manoukian Music Publishing