1. Global Love


I can’t seem to understand, the situation that we’re in
So many years of war and bloodshed but we still haven’t learned a thing
Embedded in our DNA, the violence just won’t go away
History should not repeat itself but it does again and again

Tell me how can you explain, innocent people in jail or killed for what they think
There’s got to be a missing link I can’t find
Stimulate your mind
Maybe one day we can all change this behavior
Global love will be our savior this time

There’s got to be a global love
That’s the plan I’m thinking of

I feel it in the atmosphere, pure as thought its presence clear
We’ve got to find a way to harness all this positive energy
Breath it out then breath it in, use it just like oxygen
We need it to survive, got to make it the core of our lost humanity

Lessons learned from yesterday, to love our children is the way
The future’s looking better if we’re all in this together, you’ll find
A new global paradigm
Is necessary to accept that we’re all different
And when you do you’ll ride the current of love


Well I got a plan, to infect this planet as much as I can
With a message of global love riding this funky jam
Let it permeate your soul and make you clap your hands
Cause the music’s the universal thread in every land
Just like you found this melody, you can find civility,
Compassion, even love, it’s the only way to rise above all the hate
Before it gets too late
I’ll put my faith in you and you can put your faith in me
Embrace the notion and you’ll see….

© 2017 Raffi Manoukian (ASCAP)
© 2017 Manoukian Music Publishing (ASCAP)