Delete, delete, delete

There was a time when writing a love letter was an art form! You'd go out and buy the  perfect stationary, (which cost way more than it should have), take your time to write as clearly and neatly as possible and then hand deliver it to the post office to make sure that it didn't slip through the cracks and get lost in the postal abyss! And then there was the waiting....would you even get a response? Of course you would, and when that envelope showed up in your mail box, your heart skipped a couple of beats. Then you opened it, smelled the perfumed pages (hopefully!) and took in every single word! So much sensory involvement, when you think about it.

Fast forward to today, the letters are replaced with instantaneous messaging (pick your platform), with the choice to add a picture, video, or emoji that describes how you're feeling.....all this at the touch of a button...SEND! A few seconds later, a reply comes back. It's almost too easy. It's just as easy however, to back out at the last second and hit  DELETE. There's something about pen and paper that commits the author of the letter to deliver it and live with the consequences!

Take a listen to Delete, one of my new releases, and see how the protagonist deals with instant messaging to get his feelings heard ...or not!

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